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  • Meendagrace says:

    Hi George! I’m writing to you in hopes that you will remember. You were very good friends with my grandfather, Bill Hurrellbrink, and with my mother, his daughter (Deb Baker) I was born at 6 months, weighing 2 pds 5oz’s. I was always told that you and my grandfather came to visit me after I was born. Is that true? I am an avid wrestling fan and that story is my favorite to tell.

  • Fangearnow says:

    I remember this match and will never forget it! You can’t get a match any stranger then this one!

    • Jim says:

      Yes fangearnow it was strange and all most caused a riot in Madison Square Gardens. It was also very entertaining. It was fun to be in the ring that night. Kamala sold out MSG with Hulk the following show.

  • The Galactic Grappler says:

    What’s missing is the 4 minutes between George coming through the curtain and entering the ring. These two staring at each other as though each was from another planet. Trying to figure out what exactly the other was.
    Once in the ring, it’s another 1:30 of more story-telling. Proof that you don’t need to grab a hold or take a bump to tell a story.

    Thank you so much George!

  • asian nightmare says:

    used to love the vignettes between George and Mean Gene

  • DanWeber says:

    You do a great elephant call!

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