Looking back

A blast from the past, thank you JESUS.

I was a misfit in the classroom
Other then sports or fighting I was lost in high school.  I was not expected to learn in high school so I didn’t.  The teachers were as glad to see me go as I was to be going.

I really wanted to be liked.  I did not have a clue when it came to social skills.    I never talked to girls.  Dating never crossed my mind.      I felt like a weird misfit.  I would go to my classes where the teachers would take roll and then I was sent to the gym. I am sure that in the fifties they still had no idea of what a learning disability or dyslexic was or how to handle me. You guessed it at night I would go looking for a fight anywhere. I had a couple of buddies that would drive me around while I was looking for a fight. I had the reputation as a tough guy in high school sports that people still talk about.

The Sadie Hawkins Dance.
The Sadie Hawkins Dance. was a special school event. Girls ask boys to the dance. Five of the Madison top leaders were darling each other to invite Moose Myers to the dance. let me say right here that I was bit of a jerk and not social in any way. This lead to me dating and I was lucky enough to date Patricia Randolph. We were married March 7, 1955.   This was frowned in the 50s.  When I told my dad that Pat was pregnant I did not know what to expect.  Dad said “you will be a slave to your dick the rest of your life.  My marriage to Pat gave me a solid foundation that just kept getting better over our life time.   Looking back I realize GOD was In control and had a plan.