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1967 Pitts GS

This is a picture of my first day as George Steele 1967. Pittsburgh’s Channel Eleven Black and White Television. Notice the white faces painted on the black plywood. That was part of the crowd seen on television.

I loved being the bad guy. Win if you can lose if you must but always cheat. I am talking a blast from the past.
I was the only heel to challenge Bruno Sammartion, Pedro Morales, Bobby Backlund and Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship.

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  • Coodeville says:

    Are they the first wrestling couple to pass ?

  • DanWeber says:

    Like I had posted on your Facebook page, I watched some footage from the Pittsburgh Studio days and one of the clips had a few seconds of something I never thought I would see. It was George Steele, climbing the ropes and putting his foot on the top rope as if you were going to take flight. I wished it would have played longer to see what happened, but it was still something to behold!

  • rotten says:

    No one matches the devestating championship run of the great and never forgotten Stan”The Man”Stasiak. What an amazing nine days those were… :grin:

  • DanWeber says:

    What are your thoughts on CM Punk?

    • Jim says:

      This story line has brought Vinnie McMahon down. Why? Rumor has it the Vince is going to get political race. Time will tell. Linda was only testing the waters.

  • DanWeber says:

    Is there any new word on Mr. Wonderful? We are still praying for him here in Ohio.

  • EdRob54 says:

    Some of my favorite matches were with you, Randy and Elisabeth, that whole beauty and the beast soap opera – R.I.P. to them.

  • DanWeber says:

    Do you think Vince will put Randy in the Hall of Fame next year?

  • DanWeber says:

    I just sent you an email with the list of action figures.

  • Jim says:

    Rest In Peace Randy and my prayers go out to the Poffo family. Randy Savage was a real pro and a great talent.

    • DanWeber says:

      I never had the honor of knowning him personaly, but he was a big part of my childhood . This one hurts a little bit more then normal. I pray Randy was welcomed into our LORDS open arms. GOD be with his family and friends.

  • trevchapple says:

    Always liked Ricky The Dragon Steamboat. Good showman and Asian mystique.

  • boxingfan says:

    I’m going to go a different direction and say Bob Backlund. I grew up watching him and the best part about his championship run was you felt he could be beat in any match. Hogan, same match, blah blah, punch, legdrop, win. Backlund, you actually feared for his life in the ring for some of the matches. Turning superstar graham good would have been the best choice, but backlund kept me comming back for 5 years while he was champion just to see who would beat him.

  • GeeW says:

    It’s probably easier to say who wasn’t. I’d have to disagree on UT. He’s a product of the modern era and while he has a large following his work rate is lacking. Compare him to Rick Rude or Curt Henning. They knew how to work a crowd even tho they had only modest success as to belts. As if that were to be a measuring stick.
    Besides if you use belts as the measuring stick you’d have to say Bruno, followed by (yech) Hogan and then Backlund. Few still remember Sammartino and Backlund ruined his rep by going too long, as has Hogan and Flair.
    As for me the I’d put the greatest at the Best there Was, the Best there Is, and the Best there Ever Will Be, Brett Hart. I stayed a fan of his regardless of his face/heel position. But, then some will say all his matches were the same.

    • DanWeber says:

      GeeW, you say that Takers work rate is lacking. Can you name any other Big Man that has done what Taker has done in the ring? Sure, there are lots of smaller guys that can do more in the ring but not too many big guys. Rude and Henning had all the talent in the world but I am comparing with the Champions, not Intercontinental Champs. So I guess you could compare him with Mysterio now.
      And isn’t having a large following good for business? Putting butts in seats and selling t-shirts keeps the show going on and Taker has been doing that since 1990 in the WWE and paying his dues since 84. Thats only 1 year less then Rude and 4 less then Henning.
      Billy Graham was Hogan before Hogan was Hogan.

    • Jim says:

      GeeW I agree with you as far as Brett’s work. I just do not believe Brett was a great champion. The Champions number one job is to get others over and sell tickets. Brett’s championships years were the weakest money wise of that era in the WWF.

  • Jim says:

    Who was the greatest wwwf-wwf champion of all time?

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