The WWF Fans Miss Randy and Elizabeth.

2015-11-08 17.47.14The Fans are the most important part of the wrestling business.  Wrestling fans are as loyal as any other fans and I believe more loyal then most.

George The Animal Steele has been part of the wrestling business from the black and white television days until now. Lets talk about the wrestling business from my view and yours. No holds bared.

This was a over the top battle royal at the Michigan State fare 1985

How many of these super stars from the past can you name?

Collage of wrestlers

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  • bill says:

    Looks like George’s head is pointing to Paul Orndorf. I can’t make out the two on the ropes behind George or who Muraco has a hold on. Also can’t tell who is in the far left corner.

  • Quincy says:

    OK, we’re testing my visual memory on these but here are my guesses for the contest! Going to go as “from left to right” as I can.

    Harley Race, Don Muraco, Ricky Steamboat, Junkyard Dog, Iron Mike Sharpe, Cousin Luke, David Sammartino?, George Steele, Haku, Moondog Spot, SD Jones, Steve Lombardi, Moondog Rex, B Brian Blair, Ted Arcidi.

    The only one I have no idea on is the head directly to the left of Haku.

    This was fun! Hope I did OK! God Bless 😎

  • Jim says:

    The contest winner was Kennie Woolwine.

  • RichB says:

    I don’t follow wrestling too much these days, but hopefully as my sons get a little older, I will show them some of the old videos. I LOVED it growing up. Can’t get into the storylines like I used to, but maybe I’m just not giving them a chance.

  • Jim says:

    What is your thoughts of the WWE now a days Barts?

  • Mine says:


    When did you appear in the video above? I’m a little confused. Those wrestlers are new guys, but the video shows you and an old school WWF logo, which I thought was legally banned due to the World Wildlife Fund’s suit.

    Great job on the new website! I like it a lot.

  • David Peters says:

    Mr. Myers, If you ever write a book can I have an autograph copy. that would be awesome.

  • David Peters says:

    Great video! Vintage Animal. I was hoping you would have taken a few shots at somebody. Oh Well. Thanks again for the memories.

  • Jim says:

    Great stories a real blast from the past Bart.

  • Barts says:

    Hello Mr. Myers;
    I stumbled upon your site after searching for info. on Randy Savage. I was glad to see that you are doing well. I must say, that as a small boy growing up in the 70’s, you scared the dickens out of me when I went to see you wrestle at the Worcester Memorial Auditorium, in Worcester, MA.
    I was a huge fan of wrestling from 1975 until 1989. I remember one match of yours in particular in Worcester. At the time, (1977-1979?) you were a “heel.” A feature match in Worcester was supposed to be, I think, Stan Stasiak vs. some good guy. Well, the “babyface” didn’t show up, and the announcer said that a surprise wrestler would be taking his place. No one knew who it was going to be, and then you came running from behind the curtain. I had never seen such a thing, because two “heels” were wrestling against each other!! In those days, the lines were pretty much good guys and bad guys, and very rarely did the lines cross against each other.
    Anyways, the crowd took your side and rooted for you!! The match was over quickly, as I think you got disqualified if I remember correctly. (I was only 12 at the time.) The next week, you were a “heel” again on T.V. But, for that one match, everyone rooted for you.
    I even wrote a letter to “Ring” magazine, as they asked fans to report on matches in their city. I wrote how two “bad guys” fought agaisnt each other. They must not have believed me, because I never saw the letter published.
    Thanks for some great memories when I was a kid!!

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