Babyface or Heel

On this page we can talk about the locker room personalities of the many different talents and superstars in the World of Professional Wrestling.

I have a book Coming out that will give you a different perspective of the wrestling business.

The key to my story is about over coming challenges and the role that my wrestling career played.




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  • David Peters says:

    There were matches that I went to and met some wrestler from back in thelate 70’s and 80’s, I found them to be pretty nice guys. Andre the Giant was cool and very nice. Rick Flair was ok but kind of and ass. (sorry).

    I always wanted to meet the Mach Man wish I would have had that chance.

  • Barts says:

    I went to numerous matches in the 70’s and early 80’s at the Worcester Memorial Auditorium in central Massachusetts. On a couple of occassions, I had the chance to meet wrestlers on the streets of Worcester. I was about 12 or 13 when I met Superstar Billy Graham outside of the auditorium. He spent five minutes with my family and me. Posing for pictures, and talking. I was scared, because he was a “heel”, but he was sure nice to me!
    My brother-in-law was a huge fan, and Polish. One day he took me to Webster, Ma where Ivan Putski was going to be “Polish Citizen of the Year.” They gave him a trophy, and he wrestled one match in the Town Hall. He seemed OK, but didn’t say much when he signed an autograph.
    In those days, they sold black and white glossy photos of the wrestlers. The only autographs I got were Chief Jay Strongbow and Spiros Arion. Again, they both seemed nice, and Spiros Arion was a “bad guy” but signed his photo for me anyway!!

  • Jim says:

    Randy Savage was one on a kind. I had a two year run with Randy that will never be forgotten. RIP Randy

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