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I have cut back on doing appearances.   Health is becoming a challenge.  I have been blessed and may GOD bless you.




19 Responses to Appearances

  • DanWeber says:

    Are you still using the same P.O. Box?

  • Brandon Scaglione says:

    I work at the Space Coast Center for Independent Living in Rockledge Florida. I have heard you live locally and was wondering if you would be willing to help us. We are a cross disability, nonprofit organization that is being downsized greatly due to budget cuts and loss of grant funding. I know you have had expierences with disabilities and we do everything we can to help the disabled population of Brevard County I was thinking maybe a speaking appearance as a fundraiser? Any thing you can do is greatly appreciated. Please contact me a Thank you.

  • doctorsid says:

    From Bishop Dr. Sidney Hines Tampa Bay Fl. Region.
    Would like to hear you talk about your relationship with Christ and how you overcame your disease,
    I myself have M.S. , C.O.P.D., have had 4 heart attacks since 2010, and an Arithemic heartbeat. you can contact me at

  • KU says:

    Met “The Animal” in Akron last Saturday. I suggest anybody who has the chance to meet him to do so. Awesome time!

  • sepierce2002 says:

    Oh man June 30th Quad Cites. If i didnt have to work and i Live in the Des Moines Iowa area I love to come up and have you sign my Mine Doll I found. Are you going to be in the Midwest Any time in august?

  • DanWeber says:

    I hate to break the bad news, but I’ll be in Akron on the 18th. I’m sorry.

    • Jim says:

      I am looking forward to seeing you Dan on the 18th God willing and the water don’t rise 😆

      • DanWeber says:

        I have my waders ready to go!

        • DanWeber says:

          I just went to the Akron team’s website, and saw a video that said you were doing a “Meet and Greet”. Are you going to be out and about during the game or is that the only way to see ya?

          • DanWeber says:

            It was wonderful to see you again, even though it took me the whole 2 hour drive back to get Dad to believe it was just a shortcut gone bad! GOD BLESS

          • DanWeber says:

            It’s great to see the range of ages in the line waiting to meet you. We sat by a 13 year old young and his dad at the ballpark and when they got back to their seats, you couldn’t wipe the smiles off of their faces! Ear to ear. I asked the young man what all he knew about you and he said that he and his dad love watching all the “Old-School” matches on DVD. When I asked what was “Old-School”, he said the 90’s and back. That didn’t make me feel too young. Then I asked him who his favorite wrestler now was, and he said The Undertaker. I told him he was OK in my book!

  • KJWoolwine says:

    SD Jones, Capt Lou, Iron Sheik, Jimmy Hart, Jesse Ventura, Hercules, Bob Orton Jr, Volkoff, Steele Terry Funk, Big John Studd, Cpl Kircsner, Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Macho Man

  • Jim says:

    We will see what happens and good luck on the MONSTER BASH. Give everyone my best please Dan.

  • DanWeber says:

    Akron huh? Thats the weekend before Monster Bash and I have to be in PA on the 21st, but I would love to see you.

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