Pinning Crohn’s Disease was a Gift From GOD.

As the world turns it was my fight with Crohn’s Disease turned into a gift from GOD. It was my battle with Crohn’s that led me to my personal savior JESUS CHRIST (2002). Things just keeps getting better as I grow older and JESUS is in my life. Looking back at my battle with Crohn’s is like looking at a different life time (1990). I have a book coming out about over coming many different challenges. It is my hope to help folks in many ways.

Always work with your doctor, but you must be in control, you are the major player. This is my story and it’s been hell. We only get one shot at life we must make the most of it. I’m about education, look around things are changing. You will see that I’m on a mission.

My name is Jim Myers. I am also known as George “The Animal” Steele of the World Wrestling Entertainment. I’ve been fighting Crohn’s since 1988. It took me 9 years to pin Crohn’s! My mission in life is to fight Crohn’s and all chronic disease. I talk to people all over the U.S. about my fight with Crohn’s and chronic disease.

In 1988 I was informed that I had Crohn’s, that there was no cure, that it could attack any where from the anus to the lips. My doctor told me that my colon was destroyed and should be removed. This was not a option for me, so my war within was on.

This was the start of my living hell. I was on as high as 120 mgs of Prednison, Flagyl, 6mp, Dipentum, and Muran. I took “moon face” to a new level. Some of the side effects I had were drug induced diabetes, irregular heartbeat, blood clots, cataracts and dehydration; which resulted in a 911 trip. In 1994 I had a total bowel blockage. My colon was disconnected. I now have an ileostomy. This was not the end of my problems. After surgery I had major skin problems. I developed a hernia. I had a bout with shingles and the blood clots continued.

I have pictures of my colon in 1996 and it was ugly. In 1997 my doctor told me the colon had to be removed. It had gotten uglier. In 1998 my doctor told me that I was cured and my colon could be reconnected. I no longer have Crohn’s disease but The surgeon told me that every place I had growths, fistula and polyps, was a potential malignancy and therefore my colon should be removed.

I responded that Ambrotose from Mannatech has boosted my immune system and my immune system will protect me from any possible malignancy. The Doctor then told me because of the scar tissue my colon could never function and therefore it should be removed.

My problem and success can be your key to health.

Now the validation and research is coming out on a regular basis. The body has the ability to heal itself from most all disease when given the right nutrition. People need to educate themselves on what is going on. If man made it READ it. If GOD made it EAT it. PREVENTION is the key.

Now The Rest of The Story:

CROHN’S IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ME. It took the ten year challenge from Crohn’s to lead me to my personal SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

I HAVE MY HEALTH BACK! I had my colon removed November 14, 2002. There is a new blood test that costs $450. This test can distinguish between the different bowel diseases. The test is done by Prometheus Labs. After suffering with Crohn’s, having my colon removed, and learning so much about chronic disease. Modern medicine tells us that they DO NOT KNOW the cause of Crohn’s and there is no cure.

Prometheus labs says that the “BOWEL DISEASE MARKERS ARE NOT DETECTABLE” in my case. HOW COULD THAT BE? I AM NO LONGER SICK or DISEASED? My surgeon did not understand how this could be either. He is looking at the science.


I truly believe that GOD has provided everything that we need to maintain good health. If man made it read it. If GOD made it eat it.


That is Josh Hall to the right.  Josh is one of toughest young men that I have ever met.   Josh is now twenty-five years old.  I am sure that God has huge plans for both Josh and his mother.  I met Josh and his mother, Cindie Hall about eighteen years ago.

Cindie Hall was promoting an Indy Wrestling show that I had agreed to be part of.  Cindie’s booker sent me a plane ticket flying out of Tampa, Fl.  I was not about to drive across the state to catch a flight so I was canceling out of this show which was near Lansing, Mi.   I got this call from Cindie telling how important it was for me to make her show.  Cindie told me that the only reason she promoted wrestling shows was for her son.

I figured Cindie’s son was just another want-to-be wrestler and I was not interested.  Cindie then told me that her son Josh loved watching wrestling on television.  Cindie then told me the reason she promoted Indy wrestling shows was so Josh could ring the bell to start the match for his favorite wrestling stars.  Then Cindie told me that Josh was born with spina bifida and his legs were paralyzed at birth and he wanted to ring the bell to start my match.   I was hooked, and I was amazed when I met Josh and Cindie Hall.  They have touched me in so many positive ways.  I look forward to Cindie and Josh using THE ANIMAL HOUSE to keep us all posted and up to date on their progress.

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  • Jgeary81 says:

    Good Morning and Happy New Year!
    I was looking at an add on Fox News and clicked on WWF wrestlers (I grew up a fan)and then I ran across your book and about your life. I’m new to the Crohns Disease and how it affects a persons life.. My husband who I’ve been with for 9 years is 37 and was finally diagnosed at 19 to finally get some relief.. He had been so sick. His parents weren’t sure what was going on and thought he was dying. Jack started Remacaid and had been on the iv for 10 years and got this done every other month. The cost of it is outrageous BUT it was working (insurance helped)and then it stopped 2 years ago. He then switched to Humira and it worked f then it stopped. I’ve never seen anyone in my life not take even a baby dose of Tylenol or any medicine until I met Jack. He’s now having to decide soon about surgery and has a double hernia that needs surgery also. He got the hernias about 8 months ago when he started this terrible flare up.He was in so much pain he strained in floor dropping pain. He is the hardest worker most driven person that I have ever met in my life.. He now is in so much pain. He works everyday 12 hours a day and doesn’t stop till its time to try to sleep. He groans in pain every night.. I just recently started bible study and want to strengthen my faith and relationship with God. We have 2 boys 3 and 8. I want them to also have the closeness and strong faith that others have shown is a fulfilling way of life. In this crazy roller coaster I find your battle and triumph as I am looking at him try to sleep. If you only knew how very much you’ve changed my thoughts today on This New Year. I CANNOT wait to tell him that he can’t give up because he can beat this! He’s a fighter and has started slowly fading because he’s tired.. Thank you for Reminding me and reassuring me that Quitting isn’t an Option! If he quits the devil wins! He is the reason for the pain and ugly that we see. Our God is the loving God that created us and wants to see us rise above all the evil.
    I hope today and all through the year have peace and happiness and a million smiles everyday.
    (((Hugs))) From a distance 🙂
    Lots of Smiles & Sunshine,

    • Jim says:

      Jessica, pray and look for guidance from a higher power. I made a decision listening to man two weeks ago and it almost cost me my life. I flatlined going into a preventive surgery. Looking back I understand that GOD should have been included in my decision.

      Put your trust in GOD not man. I highly suggest you look at the possibility of having the colon removed from your husband. I fought it big time I did not want to deal with wearing a pouch. It has been 20 years of wearing a pouch. It has been 18 years of pain free health for me.

      Crohn’s attacks anywhere from the lips to the anus so removing the colon is scary. I suggest you pray together with your husband and let JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT guide you. I have lifted you up in prayer please keep me posted.

      • Jim says:

        This is the reply from Jessica-Jim,
        I feel like seriously today is a new beginning along with a new year. You have lifted a fog that has been lingering over us for a long while. I always try to take an experience,mistakes decisions or anything in life and take everything with it an move forward. Reminding myself that looking back isn’t changing anything.. Learn from life,do better and move on. Now I can add pray about it. I never realized that God wanted to hear all my problems.. But I’m learning that he wants everything brought to him. Thank you so very much for emailing me back! It means so very much to me. I’ve been telling Jack all about your book and life. I’m going to get one also for Jacks brother Justin he is also Dyslexic and a form of Aspergers and has struggled with life. To hear of your challenges and how very much you’ve accomplished and have overcome will really help him. I can’t wait to read it! My dad couldn’t believe that you emailed me back! He was like Seriously?!! They used to drive from Grafton WV to Pittsburg so I could watch WWF. I will say that it’s so awesome to know that a Superstar is still a person and that if someone regardless of their fame or fortune has REAL HUGE HEART.. The HEART trumps everything else! I really do appreciate you taking the time to read what I wrote you.. It means so very much.. I am a firm believer in smiling even if your not happy because you might just smile at somebody that really needed a smile.. Just a smile.. Could mean EVERYTHING! It’s been a tough last few months.. We lost our amazing Aunt to Renal Failure on Tuesday and she was so very much like a grandma to our oldest son. She was Jacks God mother. Her funeral is Monday. She was a giver, but not with money. She gave her time. Just time.. To listen , to laugh.. To just be there.. To someone one second means the world.. It means the world to me 🙂 To find out that the time I spent watching you and the WWF wasn’t just me watching superstars.. It’s so much more AWESOME to know that YOU weren’t just A superstar on TV.. You are a real person motivating and taking the time to make a difference and helping people turn to God.. Find a way and don’t give up. People always say God has a purpose for everyone in life.. You are doing exactly what he intended for you!
        I pray that you remain healthy and strong in your life.. In your Faith and in your heart.
        So when you flatlined 2 weeks ago.. It wasn’t your time.. You still have work to do.. You still have people in this world who need an Angel to help them see the big picture.. and opening their eyes to see light.. After the fog lifts.. Thank you for doing your Job 🙂
        Lots of Smiles,

  • RayMadigan says:

    Hi Jim,
    My name is Raymond Madigan. I’ve been a wrestling fan and a fan of yours since back before I can remember. I also have Crohn’s disease and an ostomy. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story, it’s very inspirational to me. Hope you’re still kicking Crohn’s butt.

  • amydell says:

    thank you so much for this story. it gives me hope. xo 😛

  • nurseshane says:

    George, My Daughter has just been diagnosed with crohns disease. I have been a huge fan of yours. I said to her Hey! George the animal Steele had it and beat it. I saw it on his site. So we sat together and read your information.
    Thanks for sharing George

    • Jim says:

      Written by a mom; Cindie Hall

      Please read this. I know this is one of thousands of letters you receive each day. I am sharing my heart. Allow me to do that by reading my story.

      I do not know Kevin Trudeau. I am not an activist, I have no ulterior motive. I am not an author or a writer. I am a mom. I am talking about a life. I do not know where to begin so I will start here.

      Do you have children?

      If you do, you will feel the words that I share with you deep within your heart. If you do not, I hope you are blessed with children someday. I hope they are healthy.

      My son Clayton developed health problems while still in high school. He had sores on his tongue and he slept over 12 hours per day. He developed headaches and pain in his abdomen. Later the uncontrollable diarrhea started. He saw many doctors who gave opinions, diagnoses, and drugs. Nothing helped. He ended up hospitalized several times and was finally referred to a gastrointestinal specialist. He went back to the hospital for testing and finally he had a diagnosis that seemed to fit the symptoms. He had Crohns disease. It took pain, fear, testing and years of his life to get to this point but he was finally there. Crohns disease. Crohns causes bleeding from the rectum and stomach; unbearable pain, uncontrollable diarrhea, the possibility of a colostomy and can cause death. The cause is unknown and there is no cure.

      We bought books, researched the disease on the internet, and read about pharmaceutical drugs that could help him. We read everything we could on diet. Doesn’t it make sense that what you put in the body may make a difference in what comes back out? He did everything the doctors told him to do. He drastically changed his lifestyle. He ate low fat ground turkey breast. He bought processed white flour taco shells and filled them with meat. He drank water. Over the course of his illness he went from a trim 190 pounds to a very thin 130. He had a hard time gaining weight back on that diet. He ate no fruit, vegetables, dairy, or spices. He ate very little fat or fiber. He ate NO fresh raw foods. He took prednisone which alleviated his symptoms and helped him gain some weight back but it affected his temperament and finally his bone density. At the young age of 22 he had poor bone density. He went off the steroid and went on a drug called Pentasa. Pentasa costs about $340.00 per month for the dosage that was prescribed for him and he had no health insurance. It was a financial struggle. The pentasa may have helped a little bit with some of his symptoms but he was still sick. He tried other pharmaceutical drugs that caused many additional health issues.

      Let me ask again… do you have children?
      I ached from the pain of watching my son’s health fail and from being unable to do anything to help him. When he hurt, I hurt. When he was scared, I was scared. When he was angry, I was angry.

      I was up late one night, as I was most nights. Somewhere along the line I stopped sleeping very well. I saw this man, Kevin Trudeau, on an infomercial. He said he wrote a book that could help people get healthy. I knew some of the things he talked about on the infomercial were true. I am sorry if you chose to believe differently and I sincerely hope you never have to walk a mile in my shoes but if you do, his words will ring true. I abbreviated my son’s struggles in the paragraphs above with the hope that someone may make it through to the end of this letter. We experienced many of the things Mr. Trudeau talked about. We tried so many things that didn’t work. I listened to so many professionals who didn’t help. My son was sick. Real sick. We needed hope. I knew that Clayton needed something to believe in. He needed to get well.

      As I watched the infomercial, I felt scared. What if I took the risk of buying Clayton this book and it was a farce? What if didn’t work? At 3:00 am I sat there thinking “what if it doesn’t help?” With tears in my eyes I thought “what if it does?”

      I bought the book, the CD’s and the newsletter all for the cost of about 1 1/2 weeks worth of Pentasa.

      I have to ask this one more time.

      Do you have children?

      Within 2 weeks my son’s pain was gone. He has lived every day for the last 7 years in pain. HIS PAIN WAS GONE. He had more energy. His cramping and diarrhea stopped. When I opened Mr. Trudeau’s book I expected to find a list of diagnoses and a list of herbs you could take to cure them. That is not what I found. I asked Clayton what he did to cure himself of Crohns disease. He said “I did what it said to do in chapter 6”. He healed his body by eating pure natural foods and by not eating and drinking toxins. He cured his body with NO PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS. He is still symptom free. He is drug free.

      As a mother I would have given everything I had to take away his pain.

      All I had to do was buy him a book.

      I am not asking you believe in Kevin Trudeau or to buy his book. I am not asking you to change your life in any way. I am pleading with you from the bottom of my heart to allow Mr. Trudeau to state his opinion on healthy living and healing the body of disease.

      If you could save a life, would you?

      • Jim says:

        I belive Crohn’s gave me the toughest fight of my life. Crohn’s also gave the biggest gift of my life. It was my 12 year battle with Crohn’s that led me to JESUS CHRIST. Now I stand strong with JESUS.

  • jimbo says:

    Thank You so much for your testimony.You touch thousands of people every day.I really appreciate you allowing God to use you.I couldn’t agree more that God has given us everything we need to have good health.I also believe that God can heal us even when we haven’t used the things he has given us,although we don’t deserve it.People seem to forget that God created each and every one of us,and everything around us!There isn’t anything God can’t do.The Bible is full of stories about Jesus laying hands on someone,and God healed them.The Bible also says we are created in his image.We are supposed to be Christ like.I have always struggled with putting all of that together.A few years ago while reading in the Bible,it became clear.When Christ left,the Holy Spirit stayed with us,along with the anointing that comes thru the Holy Spirit.Last year I felt called to start a ministry.I would greatly appreciate it if you would check out my website.Please read my testimony,and listen to the message posted.Let me know what you think.I believe we are in the last days,I don’t know if it will take a year,50 years or 100 years to play out,but I think we desperately need to introduce as many people as possible to the living Jesus Christ.I think about all the people that died in Japan,a country that is only about 10 percent Christian,and never knew Jesus.How many of the people that died on Sept. 11 that never knew Him.I think these are all wake up calls allowed by God.Thank You for your time!You are a cherished brother in Christ!May God Bless You Richly!
    Jim Smucker

  • Jim says:

    This was the gift from GOD that lead me to my relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.

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