Pinning Crohn’s Disease was a Gift From GOD

As the world turns it was my fight with Crohn’s Disease turned into a gift from GOD. It was my battle with Crohn’s that led me to my personal savior JESUS CHRIST (2002). Things just keeps getting better as I grow older and JESUS is in my life. Looking back at my battle with Crohn’s is like looking at a different life time (1990). I have a book coming out about over coming many different challenges. It is my hope to help folks in many ways.

Always work with your doctor, but you must be in control, you are the major player. This is my story and it’s been hell. We only get one shot at life we must make the most of it. I’m about education, look around things are changing. You will see that I’m on a mission.

My name is Jim Myers. I am also known as George “The Animal” Steele of the World Wrestling Entertainment. I’ve been fighting Crohn’s since 1988. It took me 9 years to pin Crohn’s! My mission in life is to fight Crohn’s and all chronic disease. I talk to people all over the U.S. about my fight with Crohn’s and chronic disease.

In 1988 I was informed that I had Crohn’s, that there was no cure, that it could attack any where from the anus to the lips. My doctor told me that my colon was destroyed and should be removed. This was not a option for me, so my war within was on.

This was the start of my living hell. I was on as high as 120 mgs of Prednison, Flagyl, 6mp, Dipentum, and Muran. I took “moon face” to a new level. Some of the side effects I had were drug induced diabetes, irregular heartbeat, blood clots, cataracts and dehydration; which resulted in a 911 trip. In 1994 I had a total bowel blockage. My colon was disconnected. I now have an ileostomy. This was not the end of my problems. After surgery I had major skin problems. I developed a hernia. I had a bout with shingles and the blood clots continued.

I have pictures of my colon in 1996 and it was ugly. In 1997 my doctor told me the colon had to be removed. It had gotten uglier. In 1998 my doctor told me that I was cured and my colon could be reconnected. I no longer have Crohn’s disease but The surgeon told me that every place I had growths, fistula and polyps, was a potential malignancy and therefore my colon should be removed.

I responded that Ambrotose from Mannatech has boosted my immune system and my immune system will protect me from any possible malignancy. The Doctor then told me because of the scar tissue my colon could never function and therefore it should be removed.

My problem and success can be your key to health.

Now the validation and research is coming out on a regular basis. The body has the ability to heal itself from most all disease when given the right nutrition. People need to educate themselves on what is going on. If man made it READ it. If GOD made it EAT it. PREVENTION is the key.

Now The Rest of The Story:

CROHN’S IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ME. It took the ten year challenge from Crohn’s to lead me to my personal SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

I HAVE MY HEALTH BACK! I had my colon removed November 14, 2002. There is a new blood test that costs $450. This test can distinguish between the different bowel diseases. The test is done by Prometheus Labs. After suffering with Crohn’s, having my colon removed, and learning so much about chronic disease. Modern medicine tells us that they DO NOT KNOW the cause of Crohn’s and there is no cure.

Prometheus labs says that the “BOWEL DISEASE MARKERS ARE NOT DETECTABLE” in my case. HOW COULD THAT BE? I AM NO LONGER SICK or DISEASED? My surgeon did not understand how this could be either. He is looking at the science.


I truly believe that GOD has provided everything that we need to maintain good health. If man made it read it. If GOD made it eat it.


That is Josh Hall to the right.  Josh is one of toughest young men that I have ever met.   Josh is now twenty-five years old.  I am sure that God has huge plans for both Josh and his mother.  I met Josh and his mother, Cindie Hall about eighteen years ago.

Cindie Hall was promoting an Indy Wrestling show that I had agreed to be part of.  Cindie’s booker sent me a plane ticket flying out of Tampa, Fl.  I was not about to drive across the state to catch a flight so I was canceling out of this show which was near Lansing, Mi.   I got this call from Cindie telling how important it was for me to make her show.  Cindie told me that the only reason she promoted wrestling shows was for her son.

I figured Cindie’s son was just another want-to-be wrestler and I was not interested.  Cindie then told me that her son Josh loved watching wrestling on television.  Cindie then told me the reason she promoted Indy wrestling shows was so Josh could ring the bell to start the match for his favorite wrestling stars.  Then Cindie told me that Josh was born with spina bifida and his legs were paralyzed at birth and he wanted to ring the bell to start my match.   I was hooked, and I was amazed when I met Josh and Cindie Hall.  They have touched me in so many positive ways.  I look forward to Cindie and Josh using THE ANIMAL HOUSE to keep us all posted and up to date on their progress.