My Testimony

My world changed course December 15 2015.  I flat lined as I was being put under for surgery.  My ribs and chest were beat up as they worked to get my heart to start ticking.  This experience has made my faith in JESUS CHRIST stronger.

I was living my life on the dark side and wanted nothing to do with the Christian Way (JESUS).

1992 I did a 911 ambulance ride and shut down at the Cape Canaveral Hospital the decision was made to move me seventy miles to Florida Hospital in Orlando.  They worked around the clock to save my life at the Florida Hospital.  I was deathly ill and very weak this was this beginning of my salvation.

I was a real hard head and fought salvation big time.  It took the Holy Spirit ten years to get me where I needed to be.

Please take the time to read my testimony and if you have any questions lets talk.

If George The Animal Steele after the life style that I lived as a WWE superstar can find peace in JESUS CHRIST, so can you.

Looking through the rear view mirror of life I see how GOD was in control. 

I now have a real PEACE in my life.  As we worked on the book ANIMAL I was a bit embarrassed as I looked back at my life. I was talking about my overcoming of many challenges. I started to realize that my ego was getting in the way of the truth. I was just living life and GOD was always in control.  I could not over come anything without JESUS.

Because of JESUS my life gets better everyday. I never understood salvation and did not believe I was worthy of Jesus love. My life change June 16 2002. With GOD all things are possible. MARK 10:27



Thank you JESUS I have been married to my wonderful wife Pat 61 years.


Looking back at how the POWER of JESUS CHRIST has touched me in the last twelve years is humbling.

I was brought up as a Baptist. I was sprinkled in Baptism at seven. As an eight year old, I was told that God built the earth and everything on it in six days and rested on the seventh day. I was also told that I was just like God. I looked around and knew that I could not repeat God’s miracle. Next I was told that if I sinned that I would burn in hell. I had probably already stolen some bubble gum. I figured that I was damaged goods. I never understood salvation.

I walked on the edge most of my life. I never broke any of man’s laws. I never served time. I was in many fight situations as a teenager. I had a learning disability in the forties, fifties and sixties before dyslexia was understood.

Athletics kept me in school and close to the right road. I have had many blessings and I now truly believe that our God had a plan for me. Negatives have seemed to always turn into positives for me.

Athletics opened the doors of opportunity at Michigan State University for us. I was married to Pat and the father of Felicia as I entered M.S.U. in the spring of 1956. Between Roy Niemeyer, my enrollment officer, and my wife, Pat, I was able to earn my Bachelor of Science degree.

Teaching and coaching was a great opportunity to reach out to so many people. Not just students but parents and others in the coaching profession. I was not yet prepared to give the real message.

Wrestling put me in front of millions. Again I took to the fast track and did not understand how good God had been to me and my family. I was so self centered that it is now embarrassing.

It took thirteen years of a life-threatening disease to get my attention. The support of my wife, family and so many others was critical, but I still did not really get it. I did a 911 and shut down in the hospital. I truly believe that God had bigger plans for me. That is why I have been cured from Crohn’s (which Modern medicine says there is no cure for) and now have great health.


I received an e-mail from a wrestling fan, Todd Curcio. To this day I can not believe how simple it was. Todd simply asked me if I had accepted THE LORD JESUS CHRIST as my savior. I said no and Todd asked me if I would mind if he sent me a couple of books to read. About the the same time out of the blue, John Randolph, a minister in our family sent me a book to read. I finally started to get what I had missed as an eight year old.

I said to Pat “let’s go church shopping”. We decided to start at a Baptist Church to eliminate it and move on. God was there to show me that the church was not the problem but that I was.

The day that we visited the First Baptist Church Merritt Island we were surprised to see so many young people. That was good; we both like to be around young people. We also really liked the minister. There just happened to be a young gospel singer from Australia giving her testimony that morning and a concert in the evening.

The following Tuesday was 9/11/01. After crying with the rest of the nation, it was back to the First Baptist Church Merritt Island. What happened there just blew our mind. We live in Cocoa Beach, Florida, commonly referred to as the Space Coast. The First Baptist Church Merritt Island was filled and many were in the military. What a powerful day in my life.

We continued to go to the First Baptist Church Merritt Island for about nine months. and finally decided to join First Baptist Church Merritt Island and were baptized on Pat’s birthday, June 16th, 2002. We joined a Sunday school class that has been a real blessing for us. I am sure that God has a plan for us. I am not sure what it is. When the timing is right God will lead us in the right direction and we will be prepared.

WOW how strange is this?   GOD has lead me to the mission field of the internet.   Remember my first challenge was the gift of Dyslexia.  Talk about the LORD taking me full circle.

Two months after we accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior I met Carl Kirby. Carl is very involved in the creation movement. Carl provided the foundation that I needed. I now understand THE BIBLE is the history of the world from the beginning of time. Thank You Carl Kerby

My life has been up lifted by simply accepting THE LORD JESUS CHRIST as my savior. I am working on living with faith. I have a motto “let go; let God handle it”. I am learning and I love it.