My Path

Born 1937



Getting ready for some football.




Fishing at Long Lake.


1944 Struggling in school

1945  The visiting teacher takes me to Detroit and has me tested.

1948  My mother makes me fight. My first success.

1950-51 Junior High sports and more success but struggling in the class room.

1952-56 High School where I earn 16 varsity letters but I am still struggling in the class room.

1955 I married my wife Pat. My daughter Felicia was born August 29.

1956 I enter Michigan State University on a football scholarship. Still struggling in the classroom.

1959 I go work at State Boys Training School part time.

1960 my son  Randy is born April 18.

1961 I graduate from Michigan State University.  I get a teaching and  coaching job Wilkinson Junior High in the Madison School district.  I also sign to play football withe Grand Rapids Blazers.

1962 my son Dennis is born August 5.  I meet with Burt Ruby the local wrestling promoter and The Student is born.

1963 I move to Madison high school as a teacher and coach. Teaching drivers training the summer time.

1966 – 67 The first year of the wrestling program at Madison High School.

1967 Wrestling 15 -0  Sugi joins my wrestling coaching staff.  George Steele  is born Pittsburgh.

1968 I join the WWWF as George Steele and my part time wrestling career is really taking off.

1969 12-3 Madison high School Wrestling Team Wins State Championship.  WWWF wrestling

1970 Madison Wrestling Team Places Second in State meet. WWWF wrestling

Steele and Kowalski – steel cage

1971 My first wrestling tour of Japan

1973 I become Madison’s head football coach.

1974  We moved to Madison Heights across from the football field. Football

1975 Pat got her BS degree from Oakland University. WWWF wrestling.

1979 my second wrestling tour of Japan.

1982 I retire from coaching the Madison Wrestling program.

1984 Madison Football team is Co-Champions 8-1

1985 Madison Foot ball team is 9-0 Champions.

1986 January i retired from Madison as a teacher and coach. I became a full time professional wrestler at age 49.

1989 I receive the gift of Crohn’s Disease.  Moon faced from pharmaceutical drugs that almost killed me.

1990 I Become a WWF agent and we move to Coca Beach, Florida.

1993 I worked with Johnny Depp, Bill Murry and Tim Burton in the movie Ed Wood which won two Oscars.

1994 Miami surgery.  I was in the movie Ed Wood.

1995 I was Inducted in to both WWE Hall of Fame and the Michigan High School Coaches Hall of Fame.

WWE Hall of Fame induction.

1997 I left the WWF as a agent.

1998 I found the wonderful world if the Indies.  I join the Oddities.

2000 I meet Tony Vellano for the first time and the PWHF is born.  The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame is in the making.

2001 9/8 We go to MIBC church shopping to eliminate the baptist.  9/11 and we go back to MIBC

2002 6/16 we are baptized at MIBC.  My faith and its effects on my marriage and life style

Our Sunday School Class.  A strong support system.

2004 My first minor league baseball game the Reading Phillies.

2005  I was inducted into the Michigan Football Coaches Hall of Fame.  I was also inducted into the PWHF.

2008 Creepy shows Minor League Baseball and Hockey Appearances.2006 Jakks Pacific action figure

2007 Creepy shows Minor league baseball

Pat and I visit Answers in Genesis.

2009 Creepy Shows and  Minor League Baseball Appearances.

Fun Times GOD is so good.




These rings are very important to me.

The first ring represents my graduation from Michigan State University.

The second ring is a pinky ring.  Burt Ruby’s partner Jack Britton always dressed sharp with silks suits and always wore this blue star ring.  This ring represents success to me.

The third ring is a diamond ring that was made for me by Johnny Rotz.

The fourth ring is my coaching Hall of Fame ring.

The fifth ring is my WWE Hall of Fame ring.

The sixth in my Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame ring. (PWHF)