sc013df6a3This page is designed to help former Madison students and athletes stay in touch.  I must be honest this page will help this old man to stay in touch also.  Let me and others know what is going on in your life. Hopefully   this will become a blast from the past. I have so many great memories of the 25 years that I coached at Madison. I also went K-12 in the Madison school district. My wife and my brother also taught in the Madison school district. My Mother was on the Madison School Board for 29 years.

I was so blessed to have the opportunity work with so many good young men in football, wrestling and track.  Starting the weight lifting program for the young ladies of Madison in the early eighties was ahead of its time.  The renaming of the Madison football was very humbling. I have been so blessed sense JESUS came into my life.
My only regret is I did not have my Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior during my teaching and coaching years.

The Legendary Cobo from Douglas Akers on Vimeo.


Madison Sport Heroes

Madison 1954 football team.State TrophyDSCF0727

My Coach

My Coach

Madison High School 1956

Madison High School 1956

JV january 52                                                                                                         1951 JV basketball

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  • Hank says:

    Below is a short story that I thought would put a smile on your face. While visiting my brother in Royal Oak, I was returning home on a Friday night and had a craving for coney dogs at National in Royal Oak. Sitting at the counter next to me were 3 Madison Students, all sophomore’s if I remember correctly. They were complaining aloud regarding rights as students and how the “system” was bad and boy, the list of ideas including student strikes had me curious and interested in sharing some insight. I had to break into the chat with some ideas and thoughts. I let them know I too was from Madison Heights but, I went to Lamphere class of 82 I shared with them the errors in my ways as a youngster.
    They began to understand the similarities and I had their attention. I informed them that Madison was a great school and I also knew a teacher and coach there who was a big time hero of mine as a kid. . “Your past High School coach was famous”. With confusion they had no idea who you are and zero history of George the Animal. As I explained your career they decided to test this story with their internet ready phones. Fish on! They were amazed at the amount of pictures and facts returned on their search. Even better, the manager at National Coney overheard the conversation and he jumped in immediately about his fond memories. As I finished my fry’s, I told them they should be proud to be a part of the Madison legacy. This occurred November 2011. I left Detroit to return to work in Oregon shortly after that and returned in 2013. I stopped in at the Madison VFW and noticed that you were honored by the school. Smiling ear to ear I felt good knowing those youngsters may have found something better to do with their time.
    I met Dennis and Randy while I was working at Green Carpet sod and met you formally when Dennis celebrated his HS graduation. Please tell them both I said Howdy!

  • dennfr290 says:

    Jim and Pat,
    I have always remembered you as a couple when we were in High School. It is so good to see and hear of your success and above all to hear Jesus is your Lord and Savior. I too am sorry you did not know him when you were coaching, but as you know now, everything is in God’s time and His timing, but most of all YOU have gotten to know HIM personally. Please give my regards to Pat and your children. I don’t think you
    will remember me from high school, but I was Marilyn Dennis known as Little Dennis in Sports. God has
    so Blessed you and it is so good seeing you are giving back. Take care and God Bless.

  • Jim says:

    It’s good to see you out here, continuing to shape the minds of those around you. After graduating in 84, I started my journey in the military. I served for 21 years and if it weren’t for the faculty at Madison, specifically, you, John Moore, Dave Swanson as well as some from Wilkinson, like Pat Mullens, I would have been woefully unprepared for my early adult years,
    Each of you, in your own way, challenged me to improve academically, athletically, personally and professionally. Although I wasn’t always up to that challenge, there was never a time where I felt as though any of you believed me a lost cause and because of that, I excelled.
    It was never easy and because of the lessons you taught on the field, I never thought that it was supposed to be. Many times, I recall, you saying things like, if it were easy anybody could do it or if it don’t hurt, you’re doing it wrong. I have to be honest though; looking back it’s all 20/20, back then my eyesight wasn’t so good.
    I simply wanted to take a minute to tell you, thanks. Thanks for being a servant leader; servant to the faculty, the student body, the community and to your beliefs. You are a true man of character that set an example that I didn’t even realize I would end up following.
    I occasionally find my way down in your neck of the woods. If you’re up to it, maybe we can grab a cup of coffee and catch up sometime.
    Warm Regards, and God Bless!
    Jim Croyle 84’

    • Jim says:

      Jim I know at times I was hard to take. It is great to hear how you are doing and I want to congratulate you. I am looking forward to spending some time with you. God Bless

  • David Dennis says:

    I was looking through the pictures of your life so far when I saw one particular photo, “the Shatner”?! Now I’m jelious’ you shook hands with Kirk himself’ how great is that? haha.
    Jim we’ve talked many times since high school, and I have to say on your behalf, you’re one of this worlds most genuine people, strong in both faith and resolve, you have also never stopped teaching your students freely giving advice, or showing us through your own trials that we cannot back down or give up! I personally owe you much, many of us do, you’re a true mentor and friend, you’re one in a million Coach’ thank you Sir

  • goblue1018 says:

    Hi Mr Myers, my name is Dan Tucker, I had you as a gym teacher 2 years in High School, and you were my wrestling coach my freshman yr. I also had your wife as my 6th grade teacher. great site God bless

  • momrocking says:

    I had a brother and sister who also went to Madison Anthony Adkins everyone called him Tony and my sister was Selena Adkins I left in 1976 to 1980 is when I was there. I now live in Augusta Ga I have 4 great kids and a wonderful husband.

  • JanetWilley says:


    I wanted to say thank you for the phone conversations we had a few years ago. You explained to me about colon surgeries. And what I needed to do to help my mother with her colon cancer. Well a few months later I also experienced it with my Grandfather and was able to use allot of the advice you had given me. You were an awsome teacher and mentor for me in High School.

    Thanks for creating this awsome website, so we can really enjoy knowing you more.
    God Bless, Janet Willey Barton, Class of 1984 😀

  • Rick DeLorme says:

    Hello Mr. Myers! You are without a doubt one of the most memorable individuals from my school years and I had the great pleasure to be one of your students in your first year of teaching at Wilkinson. I remember you from gym class all through junior high and High school and from football. years ago I found John Gruden and have looked for Bill Samples but have had no luck. It is very nice to stay in touch, Mr. Myers! I come to Florida every year, mostly in the winter but usually to the Tampa and Sarasota areas. It would be nice to see you again some time soon.

  • Amanda says:

    Hello everyone! Im Amanda (Cochran) Patton, class of 2003. My Uncle Donald Coomer went there as well. He passedin the late 70s. He would have been there in the late 60s I believe. I nevr met him and was hoping to find someone that knew him back then. He often went by Picolo. Any info would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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