I graduated from Madison High School in January 1956. At that time the Madison school district was located in Royal Oak Township.

After graduating from Michigan State University in 1961 I returned to the Madison School District as a teacher and coach for the next 25 years. Royal Oak Township had become Madison Heights while I was working my Bachelor of Science degree.

I received my Masters degree from Central Michigan University in 1976.

I was blessed by GOD before accepted JESUS CHRIST as my personal savior.

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  • Daniel says:

    Hi Jim,

    I taught for 12 years and I agree that teacher unions are not the best. West Virginia has a VERY strong union and the teachers use it for leverage. I was a P.E. and Library Media Specialist but gave it up after I quit coaching. I think that it is great you taught for 25 years….it takes dedication and determination to do that.

  • Coodeville says:


  • Jim says:

    People need to wake-up and feel life before there is nothing left. See it from someone else’s point of view.” The Public Schools are struggling and I believe it is time for us retired teachers to give back. What can we do to save our schools?

  • John Michael Mooney says:
    • Jim says:

      People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. (Maya Angelou) And this is one of my mantra`s that I will to live by. Tailor Made for teachers

    • Jim says:

      The Public Schools are struggling and I believe it is time for retired teachers to give back. What can we do to save our schools?

  • Jim says:

    There is no way public education can pay teachers enough money. We can not put a a dollar value on the success of our education system. Teaching should not be about the money. Nothing has changed in the way I see things in education. I was never in favor of the teacher union. Yes I received the benefits of a better pay and the retirement program from the teachers union. When the teachers became unionized I knew it was only a matter of time when the public sector could not afford education. The union did not make teachers any better in the class room. Rather then teaching remaining profession teaching became a job. The union killed the goose that laid the golden egg in the public sector. This is not the teachers fault and it is certainly the students fault. I was a teacher before the union and after the union. I became a teacher for one reason and that was to help young people. My first year of teaching in 1961 I was paid $4,300 for the year. This is why I became a part time pro wrestler for 25 years. I turned down big bucks in the wrestling and taught full time. My last year of teaching was 1986 and I was being paid $87,000. Was I a better teacher after teaching became unionized? NO! Was students learning more or getting a better education after teaching became unionized? NO! Is public education better now then it was before teachers became organized by the labor movement? NO! Are the public school systems going broke and if this is true why? Yes we teachers deserved better pay and retirement but at what cost? There is noway to pay teachers what they are worth in the public sector. You might see me as hopeless with out the facts and you might right. I see the future of public education hopeless with the union involvement. Teachers are dedicated professionals.

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