Biography of Jim Myers

Jim Myers AKA George “The Animal” Steele The Man Behind the Animal

Jim and Pat graduated from Madison High School in 1956.

Madison High School 1956

Madison High School 1956


sc00a642f9                                                         Pat with honors.

I : 56_3                                                Jim my the skin of his teeth.

Madison 1954 football team.                                                 Madison 1954 football team

Jim graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree. He received his Masters degree from Central Michigan University.

Jim was a full time physical education teacher and coach at Madison High School in Madison Heights, Michigan.  Jim coached football for twenty-five years, the last twelve years as the head coach. The football program was in a downward swing when he became head coach. He was really happy with the story book finish of Madison being rated number one in the state of Michigan 1985 football season.

Jim started Madison wrestling program in 1966 and Madison won the Michigan State Wrestling Championship in 1969. Over the sixteen years that Jim coached wrestling Madison compiled 188 wins, 41 losses and two ties.

It can blow your mind when you think of a super wrestling star with Jim’s ring persona teaching and coaching.  It really goes to another level when you realize that Jim is in both the Michigan Coaches and Michigan Football Coaches Halls of Fame. Jim (George) was inducted into The WWE “Hall of Fame” (1995) and the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame (2005).


Jim has had his Screen Actors Guild card for over thirty five years. He has been in many commercials and movies with a starring role in the movie “Ed Wood” which won two Academy Awards.

Jim even had success pinning Crohn’s disease. Doctors say there is no known cure for Crohn’s but God knows better. Crohn’s was the gift that lead me to JESUS CHRIST.

Now that Jim has his health and life back, things just keep getting better. How can you beat life on the beach?   He is involved in many charities. He also does personal appearances and motivational speaking.

Jim serves on two boards that he is passionate about; the PWHF, and the MSU Space Coast Alumni Club GO GREEN.

Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame